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    Mooroobool boy punched for his pushbike

    A 16 year-old boy has been charged with punching another teenager in the head and stealing his pushbike in Moroobool yesterday afternoon.

    Senior Constable Russell Parker told Tropic Now the 14 year-old victim was riding his bicycle on Long Street when the 16 year-old ran from a nearby park gazebo and blocked his path, forcing him to stop.

    “The older teenager has demanded his bike but the kid didn’t want to hand it over and he resisted,” he said.

    “Then the 16 year-old began punching him in the head with his one free hand, because the other was holding the handlebar of the bike.

    “That forced the 14 year-old off.”

    The offender rode off, before returning to taunt the boy as he walked from the scene.

    The incident was then reported to police.

    Senior Constable Parker congratulated officers for their swift action.

    “They had the bike back and the boy in custody within 35 minutes,” he said.

    The 14 year-old didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

    The alleged offender will be dealt with under the Youth Justice Act.