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Riverside ‘beach’ beats TNQ swimming spots on list of Australia’s best

Just one of Tropical North Queensland’s sandy paradises have been named in a list of Australia’s top ten beaches, with a riverside 'beach' 350 kilometres from the coastline taking up a much-coveted spot.

Cape Tribulation in the Daintree made it into fifth place on the Tourism Australia rankings for 2020, while Wagga Beach in country New South Wales is on the list for the first time at ninth place.

The controversial guide was curated by Tourism Australia’s beach ambassador Brad Farmer.

"People from Wagga call their riverside spot a beach so who am I to quibble?” he said.

“This is a brilliant beach area which is quite obviously different to our many coastal destinations, but a unique experience in its own special way.

"I can now give it a tick and add it to my personal list.”

Mr Farmer's criteria for his latest list was "affordable, accessible and authentic" beaches.

Here's his top ten:

1. Cabarita Beach, NSW

2. Currumbin Beach, Qld

3. Minnamurra Beach, NSW

4. Maria Island, Tas

5. Cape Tribulation, Qld

6. Brighton Beach, Vic

7. Betty's Beach, WA

8. South Port Beach, SA

9. Wagga Beach, NSW

10. Lake McKenzie, Qld