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Council opens new recycling centre for tricky household items

Don’t just chuck those old toothbrushes in the bin— you can now take them, along with a host of other difficult-to-recycle household items, to a special “centre” established by Cairns Regional Council.

Starting today, Cairns residents can take goods that would otherwise be rejected from yellow lid bins to the Council foyer on Spence Street. 


Councillor Linda Cooper headed up the initiative after a local resident saw a similar recycling point in Hobart.

"Anything to make the world a greener place gets a tick from me,” says Cooper.

“More and more items can be recycled today, so we have to adapt and cater to the demands of the public.”

“For example, coffee pod machines were a niche market a decade ago, but today they are in many households and offices, so there has been a growing need to find an environmentally friendly solution to disposing of the pods.”

Along with coffee pods and toothbrushes, the free drop-off recycle centre will also accept light globes, toner cartridges, beauty products, small e-waste and mobile phones, DVDs, CDs and cassette tapes, household cables, binders and stationery, batteries and x-rays.