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Cape York school stalked by monster croc which ate a dog

Tropic Now has tracked down the story behind a confronting video, in which a huge crocodile is seen grabbing a dog from the bank of a river.

The video was shot last Friday by a staff member at the Injinoo campus of the Northern Peninsula Area State College, which backs onto PK Creek.

Local Land and Sea Ranger Angie Williams told Tropic Now it’s estimated the reptile is between five and six metres long.

Watch and listen to the video below.

“The video was taken by a guidance officer at the school and she was standing inside the gate at the back fence of the school thinking that she was videoing a near miss, but it wasn’t.

“That croc, it keeps on swimming up and down but that’s the first time in years we’ve actually seen it out of the water like that, with the head and the whole body.

“It usually hangs around on the other side of the river and it usually gets shy if you drive towards it but it wasn’t shy this time.”

“It’s still hanging around.”

She said messages have gone out to parents via local media and the Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council to warn them to keep an eye on their children.

In a statement, the Queensland Department of Education and Training said student safety is its top priority.

“The school grounds are separated from the waterway by a secure fence,” it reads. 

“At no stage are students at the school in danger from crocodiles while they go about their daily routine at the school.

“Parents have been encouraged to remind their children to be aware of their surroundings when travelling to and from school and around waterways, including keeping a safe distance from the water’s edge.

“The school has also reinforced these safety strategies with students at school following the sighting.”

The Department of Environment and Science has confirmed it’s received reports of the problem croc.

“We are aware of this one and it is being targeted for removal from the wild,” a spokesman said.

“It was certainly near the school.”

Tropic Now understands the pup that was taken was a town dog belonging to no-one in particular, which is common in Cape York communities.