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First National Cairns Central column: Pets negotiable - why landlords should consider tenants with furry friends.

We know not all pet owners are perfect, but experience shows that many families with pets are excellent tenants who are often willing to pay a small amount more, to accommodate their furry friends, David Forrest, principal of First National Cairns Central says.

Also, growing up with pets teaches children responsibility as well as providing companionship, love and a great motivator to exercise, which in a world with an increasing focus on digital entertainment, is vital.

‘’I cannot express how important it is for pets to be allowed in more rental properties, I have a small dog called Lilly who is so precious to me that I would never let her go. She is my best friend and means the world to me, but I find it hard to find rentals because of her. If more properties allowed dogs it would take a great stress off people looking for a home, just because I own a dog doesn’t make me a bad tenant, so allowing pets can make a big difference to people like me.’’ Belinda and Lilly, Tenants, First National Cairns Central.

At First National, our message is to assess every instance on merit when it comes to pets, and not generalise. As a Landlord, nobody wants their property to be damaged by animals, so it is often simpler just to put a blanket ban on pets.

Of course, if your property is not suitable such as a small apartment, or a home which doesn’t have a fenced yard or has other non-pet friendly aspects, that would preclude you from accepting applications from people who have animals.

Base your decision on the circumstances.

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