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Cairns light display to pay homage to frontline health workers

Beams of light will be seen over the Northern Beaches tomorrow night as a local event production company joins a nationwide initiative to thank covid-19 frontline health workers.

Light Unite will pay tribute to those fighting the pandemic while at the same time drawing attention to the impacts of coronavirus on the entertainment industry. 

Justin Ogge from Jam Productions told Tropic Now he will be sending light into the sky from his Smithfield warehouse.

“The whole country is getting involved to show their support for all the people that are on the frontline and having to deal with it first hand,” he said.

“The audio visual companies across the country have sort of banded together.

“We’re lighting up the driveway and sending beams into the air.”

The same lights were used during an event at Portsmith last year, with Mr Ogge receiving reports that they could be seen from as far away as Edmonton.

However, those who can’t see the light display can follow the event on social media, which is set to be inundated with photos and videos.

“The lights we’re using are pretty punchy,” Mr Ogge said.

“But it’ll be more about getting the pictures.

“We’re going to try driving up towards Kuranda, to the lookout on the range and see if we can get some photos from there.”

Mr Ogge said the act of solidarity is also bringing together the people in his industry who haven’t had work since large gatherings were banned. 

“A lot of people see it as an inconvenience because they can’t go to a concert or an event but for those of us in the industry, it’s our world,” he said.

“We’ve got nothing booked for 12 months and those with 30 0r 40 employees are really struggling.”

The lights will be on between 7pm and 7.30pm.

People are advised against travelling to the warehouse because it doesn’t constitute essential travel.

To follow the event, go to Jam Productions or ALIA.