TROPIC VIDEO: Action man’s fast and furious leap to stop thieves stealing his ute

A Cairns man has recounted a dramatic ride in the back of his own ute as thieves tried to steal it.

Greg Hamill was awoken in the early hours of yesterday morning after two men broke into his Kanimbla home, swiped his car keys and took the vehicle.

Security cameras captured footage of the thieves forcing entry through the front door.

About ten minutes later, the video shows Mr Hamill running down his driveway and leaping into his moving car, in a feat a film stuntman would be proud of.


Mr Hamill said it was just the beginning of a terrifying experience.

“Joy ride lasted about 20 minutes and they probably hit 200 kilometres per hour with me in the back,” he said.

“Between yelling at them, kneeing and punching the driver’s side passenger window, dodging them trying to stab me and throwing stuff, we came to an agreement where they'd ditch the car and bolt and none of us would get hurt.

“It was a pretty heated discussion while they drove crazily around the suburbs.

“They kept telling me to jump and I kept trying to break the window.

“They pulled over a couple of times where one tried to stab me and I had to kick him away.

“Then they'd take off again swerving and trying to throw me.

“They ended up accelerating out of a close and bailing.

“I bailed too, though catching up to the car before it crashed into a house.”

Cairns police this morning arrested one of the thieves.

The 20-year-old Townsville man has been charged with one count each of burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, common assault and stealing.

“Police will allege two people forced entry to a home in Kanimbla at about 2.30am yesterday before stealing items from inside the home, including car keys,” Sergeant Cary Coolican said.

“The pair stole a vehicle from the home, not before the owner woke, chased the offenders down his driveway and jumped into the back of the vehicle’s utility.

“Police allege the man attempted to negotiate the with pair, however they drove dangerously before dumping the vehicle in Marchant Street Manoora and fleeing on foot.

“Investigations are continuing in relation to the second man.”

The charged man is appearing in Cairns Magistrates Court today.