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Home schooling woes continue on day two of online education

Students and their parents are still struggling to log in to Education Queensland’s home schooling Learning Place website today.

The site crashed yesterday on the opening day of online education.

Parents today are reporting that username and passwords they’ve been given by their respective schools aren’t working.

Students who have been able to gain access are having trouble negotiating the site to find their relevant work.

This morning, Premier Annastascia Palaszczuk accepted it hasn’t been an easy transition.

“Unfortunately there were issues with the computer system yesterday I understand its working ok this morning but there are going to be teething problems,” she said.

“We are trying everything we can to make this as easy as possible for students parents and the whole school community.“

Ms Palaszczuk wouldn’t budge on considering re-opening schools earlier than week six of term 2, saying there are still concerns that new cases of coronavirus are being identified.

Currently, only students of essential workers can attend school.

“I need to make sure we are taking each week as it comes," she said.

“It would be absolutely irresponsible of me to fully open our schools where social distancing can’t be practiced or worked out.

“We are reviewing that in May, halfway through the school term.”

Cairns parents have told Tropic Now of their own experiences.


Bentley Park College

“Bentley Park College did a great job of sending all the work out first week of holidays so we have hard copies to ensure we can still get it all done. Their communication has been excellent throughout all this.”
Brenda Duncan-Smith

St Andrews College at Redlynch

“Wasn't able to check my son in online but St Andrews sent plenty of material home at the end of last term. It's only the first day so adjusting to treating a parent with the same respect and authority as a teacher was always going to cause some conflict. I think Catholic Education has done a great job in preparing for this and parents will appreciate the great work our teachers do. Was still relieved when the alarm went at 2.40pm. Yes there is important core learning but the delivery is flexible. The 30 minutes of chores didn't go down well so we will start that tomorrow.”
Mark Mundy

Whitfield Primary

“I had a good experience and well done Whitfield Primary with the great running of collecting resources this morning!”
Jessica Alexandra
“I had no problems at all. Whitfield Primary has done a fantastic job. My eldest at Trinity Bay High School had a few issues to start off with but didn't last long."
Michelle Telling

Freshwater Christian College

“Freshwater CC has exceeded our expectations, thank you!!! No disaster experience here.”
Megan Campbell

Jubilee Christian College

"Awesome experience! We home school through Jubilee Christian College. All online systems up and running. Kids happy. Awesome day. HPE we went for a walk at the beach and saw a dolphin. Don’t get that in the classroom."
Trish McKenna

Redlynch State College

"The teachers at Redlynch State College have been great and have kept the work going via email, it’s been working fine for my two grade twelves."
Emma McGovern 

Cairns High

"My daughter is at Cairns high and no problems with logging onto several platforms today - well done Cairns High School!"
Linda Bowes 

There was also plenty of frustration.

"Sent kids to school (as an essential worker) only for them to tell me when I got home that the teacher ‘supervising’ them wouldn’t even help when they tried to ask a question as ‘thats not what they were there for’. Really disappointed, and pretty angry about it too."
Talz Radke

"The crazy thing is that the number of students who need to access the services is a known variable. Surely a boffin would be able to ensure the bandwidth could sustain the anticipated load."
James M Harding

"Way too overwhelming for the kids and no way that they can learn without parents having to sit down and actually teach it to them. I got zero work done today."
Kirsty Cawdell

"We all need to be patient. We have never done this before and everyone will be learning as we go along. Nothing is a disaster and no-one will lose a life or a limb today trying to access interweb stuff. Take a deep breath, walk away and come back later."
Cherie Spannenburg