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Meet the family-owned Cairns team building for the future

The family-owned team at Liam Gilligan Builders focuses on attention to detail and a partnership of trust.

As a husband and wife team, Liam and Hyaesil Gilligan balance their own home life with their love of building homes for others.

Combining Liam’s extensive experience in building and carpentry with Hyaesil’s expertise in building design, drafting, interior design and styling, the duo clearly loves what they do.

Tropic catches up with this enterprising, passionate couple to talk about the company’s history, its commitment to clients and the future outlook for the Cairns home building sector.

Tell us about your company’s history…

Liam Gilligan Builders is a family-owned and operated business based in Cairns, servicing Far North Queensland.

The business is run by us (Liam and Hyaesil), a husband and wife team and has been established for more than 10 years.

We focus on two key things – an exemplary standard of workmanship and attention to detail and creating an informed and trusting client experience.

Whether the job is a small renovation or a new build, we believe that every detail is important.

We employ experienced tradespeople with the same ethos for quality workmanship so your project will always be in good hands.

Also, we’re firm believers in being hands-on in every project we undertake – taking an active role in each project is our way of showing our wonderful clients just how important they are to us.

Liam Gilligan Builders is the quintessence of a family-owned business and offers the services and quality to rival any other in the region.

What are your unique selling points?

Liam Gilligan Builders is a rare find in the region, offering a concept to completion service with in-house Building Design and Drafting as well as interior designing and styling expertise.

Hyaesil is a low-rise building designer and interior designer/stylist and Liam alone brings 23 years of carpentry and building experience, not to mention the team of exceptional carpenters, Ash and Mick, who bring over 50 years of carpentry experience.

How do you view the future of the Cairns housing market once things get back to normal?

When the world recovers from this crisis, we think it will make people think twice about travelling abroad and really appreciate their own home.

We think locals and new people moving here will want to be comfortable and enjoy their sanctuary more than ever now.

We have definitely acknowledged that young clients are also rising rather rapidly.

This age bracket of clientele knows what they want in terms of quality building and the style of design that will let them enjoy their daily lifestyle.

With this mindset, the budget can become secondary.