Lifestyle Homes, Personalised Attention

Spend any length of time with the team at Beck Building, and the word “partnership” is frequently mentioned.

As this local firm with a proud history ramps up its residential home building division, their focus is on customised, personalised homes that suit your budget, your block and your lifestyle.

Tropic sits down with the team to find out more.

Tell us about your expansion into home building - what motivated the decision and what type of homes do you specialise in?

Expansion into home building was in response to seeing a market for lifestyle-based second and third homeowners in the Far North region. Discerning buyers who wanted to be involved in the development of their home concept, those who want to be a part of the design and construct process. We established a team of innovative, committed personnel who have their heart in their work and understand what the client wants in home design and construction.

The team is committed to a process of client inclusion, using the latest technology to provide clients with choices and options, and using a flexible and workable process/method. We use our open builder’s license and extensive experience across commercial and residential projects. Our building experience dates back to 1987.

“Innovation, experience, partnership” is our by-line. We work with and manage each project with individualised and personalised attention. Corrine Jarvis (Design Consultant and Client Manager) provides innovative design concepts and ideas that match the client’s requirements.

She listens to their home building goals and creates a home design that suits their lifestyle, block and budget. Bill Ah Shay (Director and company nominee) provides the building experience and construction know-how to deliver the design and construct project. Cody Jensen (Site Building Supervisor) works in partnership with suppliers and contractors to ensure we meet our clients expectations in construction.

The type of homes we design and build are lifestyle homes. We find out about the client’s lifestyle, their building aspirations, their block and budget and construct a home design that ticks all of those boxes. Each home is personalised. Every home is designed with the clients for the clients. There is no one size fits all at Beck Building.

“We don’t try to put the client in a box and tell them what they need; rather, they tell us what they want.” So what type of homes do we specialise in? We range from family homes to downsizer homes, investment homes – we personalise the homes to meet our client's requirements. We do have collections of house designs that can inspire home choices or constructed as they are. Our home collections include houses for traditional blocks, narrow blocks and acreage blocks. Corinne works with the clients to produce their home – designed with them, for them.

Tell us about your new business development manager…

Our Design Consultant and Client Manager is Corinne Jarvis. She has a passion for building and interior design that is functional but aesthetically pleasing. Her designs are characterised by clean and fresh ideas that focus on the lifestyle priorities of our clients. She has a family background in construction and design. She provides the “innovation” in the design aspects of the beck building team.

What sets Beck Building apart from others in the industry?

Personalised attention from concept design to project completion. Innovative designs and ideas. A process that is designed with you, for you. Vast experience (over 30 years) of a builder with commercial and residential projects and an open builder’s license providing scope for big or small residential projects. Partnership: we work closely with clients, contractors and suppliers to meet expectations and provide a quality product. We are small enough to know you, and big enough to serve you.