VIDEO: Barron Falls in all its raging glory


Few sights in Tropical North Queensland are more spectacular than the Barron Falls after a massive downpour.

The heavy rain that drenched Cairns in late January brought the falls to life with a roar after a slow, dry start to the wet season. 

The footage below was captured by Skyrail and collated into an epic 5-minute video by our team at Tropic Studio.

Scroll down to see the amazing footage - make sure you view it in full screen mode

Skyrail general manager Richard Berman-Hardman said the thunderous sound and spray from the waterfall was an "awe-inspiring experience" for Skyrail guests.

"Our guests can absorb the enormity of the Barron Gorge and Falls from above in their gondola and they couldn't get any close than the vantage point at the new Edge Lookout," he said.

"The Edge Lookout has been a fantastic addition to the Skyrail experience, offering never before seen perspectives of Cairns' most famous waterfall, and views directly down into the gorge from the glass section."