Tropic Now Exclusive: Sharks caught on camera doing the pipi shuffle

An extraordinary video has emerged, purportedly showing sharks burrowing for pipis on the shore of a Torres Strait beach.

The video captures a group of around 20 tawny sharks wiggling and rummaging in the sand at Mer Island, before heading back out into the water.


It was filmed by local man William Bero, who in an exclusive interview with Tropic Now, said they were feeding on pipis.

“What happens is they sit and wait for the pipi shells to come up,” he said.

“When the tide is at a particular point, the pipi shells emerge.”

Mr Bero said it’s not an unusual occurrence.

“You’ll see them gather at one particular spot and they’ll just sit there and wait,” he said.

“From about September onwards, they sit up right along the beach.

“There are sardines in the water but they weren’t really chasing the fish.

“With the sardines, the kids run in and catch them by hand.”

At the end of the video, Mr Bero is heard saying it was time for him to go fishing.

He said he and a family member caught five trevally between them but the sharks were off limits.

“We’ve always respected them and they clean up rubbish such as dead fish,” he said.

“Also, sharks are totems for families on the Murray Islands.

“We have respect for everything around us, it’s all there for our appreciation and not to destroy or over-fish or do any harm.

“It’s our job as custodians to look after our environment and all the animals.”

Mer Island is one of three in the Murray Island group.