Here's the Top 30 most popular articles on Tropic Now 2020... so far

We are what we read. Or so we say here at Tropic Now.

With that in mind, we thought it was timely to reflect.

It's been the craziest of all years, and a deep dive into our analytics unearths some interesting results in reading habits. Tropic Now surpassed 1 million page views in the first half of 2020, so there's a lot of data to dig into.


Since the clocked ticked past midnight on December 31, 2019... a virtual eternity ago... you already know the coronavirus pandemic dominated the news cycle over the past six months. 

However, when you put aside the dominance of COVID-19 related news, the articles you checked out the most cover an array of topics on Tropic Now.

From youth crime to our live coverage of the council elections in March, from exclusive footage of a dog-eating croc to the real estate market and everything in between (including fried chicken!), here's a wrap up of the top 30 stories as clicked by you here on Tropic Now.

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