PhyxMe's advice for new and experienced runners

The team at PhyxMe provides some timely advice for new – and experienced – runners. Here is physiotherapist Emma Forbes with some crucial tips:

Whether you want to record a faster 5km park run, or complete your first half marathon, many of us (including myself) have turned to running since the closure of gyms and pools. A common complaint in the PhyxMe clinic is the feeling of hard and tight muscles during or following a run.


Naturally, stretching seems to be the solution, but most people will find little relief from vigorous foam rolling or muscle stretching. 

Muscle tightness will often occur due to overload, where the demand for power is greater than muscle supply. This could be because the muscle itself is weak, or if surrounding muscles are not working correctly then other areas are prone to being overloaded.


Strength training. Use slow exercises where the muscle is lengthening under load (eccentric training). This will stimulate muscle growth and the addition of more working motor units. For glutes, try slow and controlled step downs, and for calves try heel raises over a step.

Progressive training. Most running injuries will occur due to training error. If you’re looking to increase distance, only add 10% per week.

Runners are most prone to injuries in their first year after dusting off the running shoes. Paying attention to how the body is responding is important for preventing injuries and improving overall run times and distances.

Physiotherapists at PhyxMe are skilled in dealing with injuries and can provide a comprehensive assessment of running mechanics and efficiency. Our biomechanical run assessments are designed for people of all abilities who want to take their performance to the next level. 


1. Start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day - run alternating days, and make sure to finish your run with a little left in the tank.

2. Mix up your training. Have fast days and slow days, train on pavements and in parks.

3. Invest in gear that’s right for you. On Running is the fastest growing shoe brand in the world. Their innovative Swiss-engineering will make a difference to your training. PhyxMe Physiotherapy is the only ON retailer in Cairns - come into the clinic to get shoes fitted to your running style, which will enhance your performance and recovery.


Amanda Sumner
Senior Physiotherapist at PhyxMe

Why did you choose physiotherapy?
I knew that I wanted to be a physiotherapist from the age of 14. As a teenager in the UK, I was a county level high-jumper and would always suffer with recurrent ankle sprains, so I became interested in how rehabilitation could help me improve. My parents also received cardiac and orthopaedic rehabilitation, so it broadened my areas of interest in the subject.

Do you have a special area of interest?
As I’ve been qualified for 11 years, I have developed several areas of special interest. I have undertaken further study in treating people with dizziness and vertigo and also enjoy using equipment based Pilates to rehabilitate people with movement compensations due to pain. Since becoming a mother of two boys, I have also expanded my skill to treat paediatric patients too.

Tell us about one of your most challenging cases…
I always love the challenge of treating patients who are suffering from BPPV (a type of vertigo). It can be a very overwhelming condition due to the vertigo and nausea associated. I spend a lot of time reassuring my patients during assessment but know that effective treatment with the Epley Manoeuvre will resolve their symptoms and this can be life changing for people.

Favourite things to do outside of work?
I love spending time with my one year old and three year old sons in the outdoors at the park or at the pool. I enjoy cooking and baking and staying active with going for a walk or attempting a family work out with the boys!

Favourite quote?
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” by JRR Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings.

PhyxMe is the exclusive stockist of performance running shoes by On. The Swiss brand has a unique philosophy when it comes to their running shoe.

1. Focus on cushioning, not correction
Instead of correcting your movement, On lets you run how you were meant to

2. Freedom for your feet
On shoes don’t control your running motion with a rigid sole. Instead, a team of cloud elements on the sole actively reacts to your individual running motion.

3. Harness balance & momentum
Your running shoe should not succumb to friction when landing; it should transform
your motion into forward momentum.

4. Running is a sport, not an illness
Like other sports, you can train away your running weaknesses to become a star performer. Flat feet and other deficiencies are not static but can be improved through training.

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