Tropic Now live: 2020 Cairns council election results


These are the latest figures being reported by the Electoral Commission QLD in the Cairns Regional Council election. 

This is Tropic Now's prediction of the city's next council:

Cairns Mayor
Bob Manning (67% of the vote)

Division 1
Brett Moller (67% of the vote)

Division 2
Pyne (59% of the vote) - however the gap to John Schilling has narrowed a little

Division 3
Cathy Zeiger (83% of the vote)

Division 4
Terry James (Comfortable with 53% of the vote)

Division 5
This is shaping up as a real stoush as Amy Eden leads Ricthie Bates by just 55 votes with over 44% of the ballots counted.

Division 6
Kristy Vallely (62% of the vote)

Division 7
Max O'Halloran (Comfortable with 36% of the vote)

Division 8
Rhonda Coghlan has edged in front of Ellen Weber by 23 votes with this division going down to the wire. Still a lot of votes to be counted with only 26% of the ballots counted.

Divison 9
Brett Olds romping it in with 86% of the vote.

We will continue to update you as new figures come to hand.




We're calling it first on Tropic Now: Bob Manning has been re-elected Mayor of Cairns - even with a tiny amount of votes counted so far.

Cr Manning has secured 71% of the vote, a landslide in the making despite just 4.62% of the vote counted.

Here's Tropic Now's early prediction of the city's next council: 

Manning (Unity)
Moller (Unity)
Pyne (Independent)
Zeiger (Independent)
James (Unity)
Eden/Bates - too close to call
Vallely (Unity)
O'Halloran (Unity)
Weber (Independent
Olds (Independent)

On early counting, Division 5 is proving very interesting indeed with sitting councillor Richie Bates and Unity's Amy Eden dead even on 42.68% each in a tight race after 2.5% of votes counted. 

Sitting councillor Max O'Halloran is looking good in Division 7, in what was a hotly contested race against Sam Byrd and Jules Steer, among others. O'Halloran is on 39.30% of the vote ahead of Steer on 17.12% and Byrd on 14.92% after 7.12% of the vote count. 

Division 1 is likely to be retained by sitting councillor Brett Moller, with a big lead after 7.73% of the vote counted.

Deputy Mayor Terry James is set to retain his position, with a strong lead in Division 4.

Independent candidate Ellen Weber (35%) is leading in Division 8 against Unity candidate Rhonda Coghlan (26%).

Brett Olds is romping it in to retain his spot in Division 9, securing 85% of the vote after 8.8% has been counted.

In Division 2, former councillor and state MP Rob Pyne is ahead of John Schilling.

Unity's Kristy Vallely is slightly ahead in Division 6 - vacated by popular former councillor Linda Cooper. 


An upset could be on the cards in the Douglas Shire with incumbent Mayor Julia Leu trailling rival Michael Kerr 56%-44% after 8.07% of the vote count.


On the Tablelands, it's neck and neck for the battle of Mareeba Mayor, with Angela Toppin and Edward (Nipper) Brown evenly split at 50/50 after 12.5% of the vote count.