Police shoot and kill man in siege on Cairns Northern Beaches

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From Queensland Police:

A man has been shot by police this afternoon following a siege near Cairns today.

Around 4:30am, the man allegedly attempted to break into an infrastructure facility off the Captain Cook Highway at Palm Cove.

The man was disturbed by a nearby resident and left the scene. As the man was leaving in his car, he deliberately collided with a police vehicle attending the incident. Officers immediately requested further assistance and multiple crews responded.

A short time later at Smithfield the man allegedly deliberately veered towards a police officer on the side of the road.

As a result, a 26-year-old constable suffered a suspected broken wrist and other non-life-threatening injuries.

The man’s vehicle stopped on the Captain Cook Highway at Yorkeys Knob where he allegedly set it on fire.

As police approached, the man allegedly produced a firearm and discharged a shot towards officers prior to running from his vehicle.

Police established a cordon around an area to the west of the Captain Cook Highway to contain the man.

While trying to identify the man’s whereabouts among the long grass, several shots were allegedly fired towards police and a helicopter.

Around 3.15pm, it will be alleged the man was in waist deep water and raised the firearm towards police. As a result, the man was critically injured when police returned fire.

The man was pronounced deceased at the scene.

This matter is under investigation by Ethical Standards Command on behalf of the State Coroner. That investigation is subject to oversight by the Crime and Corruption Commission.



There are reports that police have the offender in custody after multiple shots were fired.

It is unclear if the man was shot by police.

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A man believed to be armed remains on the loose on the Northern Beaches of Cairns, more than 8 hours since the incident began early this morning.


A local has described how this morning's ongoing police drama unfolded, using reports from a police scanner:

"I turned on the scanner before 5am this morning and heard the police call for help in Palm Cove, as they had been rammed three times after investigating a break in at Telstra building, his car was no longer drivable. Police started coming from everywhere to help, not 100% but think he said it was a white hilux, with yellow NSW number plates hanging off.

Then we heard another police vehicle sighted the same car on the Yorkeys Knob Rd. The offender in the car did a u turn and attempted to ram police head on twice then took off again. The police called to see where back up was and they were putting stingers down near Yorkeys Knob roundabout. You could hear the police officer saying be careful he's trying to ram us, let him go, then a female gets on radio and says we have been hit, officer down, officer down. This was at the stinger strip.

The offender stuffed the front of his car trying to ram everyone and was forced to stop at go kart track with smoke coming out of vehicle. The police car followed at distance and the offender pulled a rifle at them out the window, they then backed away. Called for rifles, more backup, dogs and helicopter.

Then offender was walking around the car playing with a torch, changed his clothes from high vis top to black shirt, the car was on fire, explosions from ammunition and he walked across rd with rifle and shotgun, a civilian came out of their house on a 4 wheel motorbike was talking to him.

He's then gone into cane paddocks and is surrounded by police who are waiting for his next move. We have heard lots of gun shots from Trinity Park around 7am. 5 hrs later it's still going."

There are reports that shots have been fired at police by a man who is still armed in an area between Yorkey's Knob and Holloways Beach.

Tropic Now has just spoken to police media unit, who say officers have the man surrounded and are negotiating with him.

Police cars were also rammed in the incident, with one officer reportedly injured.

The Captain Cook Highway is closed in both directions and residents are asked to stay inside and follow police directions.

The ABC reported that police were called to a break-in early this morning and the situation is developing.

It’s believed the person is still within the cordoned-off area. 


Heavily armed police have cordoned off the Captain Cook Highway and surrounded the man who is hiding in mangroves near Thomatis Creek, north of the airport.

Tropic Now understands the injured officer has suffered a broken arm.

Motorists are warned to expect delays and police are requesting anyone in the area to follow the directions of officers.

The Highway is currently closed at Yorkeys Knob roundabout and Holloways Beach roundabout. Motorists can still use the Freshwater Rd. route.