Cairns weather: Rain will ease for a brighter weekend

Better put your washing off until the weekend, as we’re in for a few more wet days this week. 

BoM meteorologist Rosa Hoff told Tropic Now the rain will be a “very consistent story” throughout the week.  

“Tomorrow is when the rain's forecasted to peak, with a 95% chance of showers, receiving somewhere between 5 to 15 mm,” she said. 

“Then they’ll ease back pretty quickly and it will be a lot dryer on Friday in Cairns.” 

Hoff said the weekend will be fairly clear in the city, with the rainfall backing off to only a 20-30% chance of rain. 

We can also expect to see consistent temperatures of high 20s this week, before Cairns cracks 30 degrees on Sunday. 

“On the weekend there’s a lingering chance of seeing a few spots of rain around the coast,” Hoff said.

“But the heaviest rainfall will be down near Babinda and Tully, with not much of it heading inland.”