A 68-year-old Cairns man has been charged with acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm after dousing another man and a boat in fuel and flicking a cigarette lighter.

Police say the man was dressed in plastic bags, white gumboots and a witch mask when he boarded the boat at Ellie Point in East Trinity on Friday morning.

It’s alleged he poured three buckets of fuel over the vessel, as well as over a 55-year-old Edmonton man who emerged from the cockpit.

Acting Detective Inspector Kevin Goan said it’s believed the incident stemmed from a dispute over property.


“He’d dressed himself in plastic bags and was carrying fuel which he poured over a vessel at the scene and also over the gentleman he was at odds with,” he said.

“He then made some veiled threats and flicked a cigarette lighter on and off.


Police say the man was arrested at a makeshift camp nearby.

He has appeared in the Cairns Magistrates Court and has been granted bail.

His next scheduled appearance is on 23 February.


Main points

  • 68-year-old man was allegedly wearing plastic bags, a witch mask and gumboots when he boarded a boat at East Trinity
  • The man has been charged with throwing fuel over the boat and its occupant before flicking a cigarette lighter
  • He was arrested at a nearby makeshift camp
The nature of the offences, had it met fruition, could have been catastrophic.