A production company with a reputation for authentic and diverse storytelling is embarking on a new reality dating show, and Far North Queensland residents are being encouraged to apply.

Northern Pictures is most recently famous for producing Love on the Spectrum, which follows young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore dating and relationships.

It first screened on the ABC before being picked up by Netflix and winning a swag of global awards, while a US spinoff has proven just as successful.

In a Cairns exclusive, Director and Producer Cian O’Clery has told Tropic Now the new show will follow the same methodology, but with a broader cast.


“It is in a similar territory, it’s still about dating and it’s still exploring relationships but this time it’s a much broader range of people from all walks of life,” he said.


“It’s really important for us to have a really diverse group of people so we have people from all kinds of communities to reflect the diversity of Australia.”

He’s particularly looking for cast members in regional areas, including Far North Queensland.

“We want to tell stories that aren’t based in the major cities,” Cian said.

“We go wherever people are, so we tell people’s stories in their homes and their towns.

“We film people going on dates in beautiful spots and we make sure the show looks really nice.

“We'd love to showcase the Cairns area and we’d definitely love to shoot there over Winter!”

Love on the Spectrum proved to be a breath of fresh air in the reality dating sphere when it first aired in 2019, producing a feel-good, genuine viewing experience.

It was a diversion from what had become a genre full of Instagram influencers in contrived drama.


“It’s about getting to know someone really well and tell their story, which adds to that level of engagement for the audience," Cian said.

“We try to match people with someone they’ll get along with, because we want genuine connections whether its romance or a friendship.

“We want to make something that’s very real.”

Northern Pictures was founded by Sue Clothier in Mission Beach in 2007.

She has since moved on to build a new media company, but not before producing specialist documentaries such as Kakadu and Life on the Reef.

This latest Northern Pictures project is yet to be given a title, but shooting will begin next month.

It will be aired on the ABC next year.

If you’d like to be involved, send an email to [email protected] telling producers a little about yourself.

You should also attach a photo.

For more information about Northern Pictures, head to their website.


Main points

  • Anyone who is new to dating or returning to dating after a major life change is being asked to apply for a new reality show
  • It's being produced by Northern Pictures, the makers of Love on the Spectrum
  • Northern Pictures is renowned for its authentic and diverse storytelling
We’re not trying to stitch anyone up, we’re not looking for manufactured conflict or drama.
Cian O'Clery
Producer & Director
Anyone who is new to the world of dating in some way - whether it’s their first ever date, or maybe it’s their first date since a major change in their life - we want to hear from them.
Cian O'Clery
Producer & Director