The Queensland Government has announced a further relaxation of COVID-19 rules, with vaccination requirements to be abandoned across a range of categories.

From June 30, unvaccinated people will be able to visit residential aged care centres, disability accommodation and corrective service facilities.

Mandatory vaccination rules will also end for staff at schools, including early childhood education, prisons, police watch houses and airports.


Post-arrival testing for people who arrive in Queensland from overseas will be scrapped too.

“As we move to the next stage of the pandemic, we will be adjusting our approach,” Health Mininister Yvette D’Ath said.

“We will be revoking our high-risk workers COVID-19 vaccine mandate, with decisions around mandatory vaccinations to instead be made by employers.

“The public health directive mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for workers in healthcare, hospitals, aged care and disability care remains unchanged.”

For a full list of rule changes, go here.


Main points

  • Vaccination mandates for many professions are ending
  • Unvaccinated people can soon enter residential aged care, disability facilities and jails
  • For health and hospital workers the rules are unchanged
We are in a much better place now, compared to when we administered our first COVID-19 vaccine.
kelly pollack
CHHHS COVID-19 vaccine director