As many of us fill our inboxes with newsletters, and social feeds with group updates, why not also get amongst the real thing and become a member of one (or many) of Cairns membership programs? 

From gaining access to exclusive events and exhibitions, to participating in workshops and classes, and saving a little mula, membership programs can help you broaden your horizons and enrich your life with all sorts of new information, people and skills. 

Not to mention, they support often volunteer run, not-for-profit community organisations. So whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a bookworm, there's a membership out there for you.

Cairns Museum & Cairns Historical Society

$22 - $49

The Cairns Historical Society is a non-profit focused on preserving and sharing the history of FNQ. They also run the Cairns Museum and Research Centre, and memberships give you access to both, as well as free or reduced rates for events and school holiday programs.

Members receive updates on events, a monthly bulletin that dives deep into local history and people, as well as early-bird invites to exhibition openings, lectures, and workshops. Plus a trusty 10 percent off in the gift shop doesn't hurt.

By becoming a member, you help the museum and society to continue to share local knowledge and history with our community.

NorthSite Contemporary Arts

$45 - $55

NorthSite is a visual arts organisation located in the Bulmba-ja Arts Centre. It offers a range of exhibitions, events, and programs for artists in North Queensland and provides an array of immersive experiences for audiences.

Members receive access to exclusive events and exhibition openings, artist talks, training and upskilling programs, and workshops. The NorthSite store has plenty up for grabs, with hand-crafted and ethically sourced art, design, jewellery, you name it, by local North Queensland creators available for purchase. And of course, members nab a 10% discount on sales, and a few other affiliate discounts worth checking out.

By becoming a member, you promote and support a network for artists in North Queensland to explore their culture and creativity.

Community Foods


Community Foods is a  not-for-profit, volunteer run, community-based co-op, owned and operated by its members. The co-op's mission is to provide healthy and affordable wholefoods to the local community while promoting sustainable living practices. Community Foods provides an opportunity for people to volunteer and play a vital role in ensuring it runs smoothly and sustainably.

Guided by the seven principles of co-operation, including voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training, and information, co-operation among co-operatives, and concern for the community.

Be becoming a member, you are not just a customer, but an active participant in a community-based initiative that prioritises ethical and sustainable practices, and you have a say in the co-op's decision-making processes.


UMI Arts

$5.50 - $88

UMI Arts values and strengthens Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in FNQ. Its mission is to be a nationally recognised arts and cultural space entirely managed by Indigenous people for FNQ. UMI welcomes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a blood-line connection to the FNQ region to become members, and utilise the space and support.

Members over 18 have voting rights, and can also get involved in exhibitions to showcase their work. For those without a connection to the region and non-Indigenous people, you can become a friend of UMI Arts to show your support and stay updated on all the events.

Be becoming a friend, you are helping to preserve and celebrate Indigenous arts, provide training and skills development, and create pathways for success.


Cairns Art Gallery

$20 - $60

Cairns Art Gallery members have exclusive access to exhibition talks, launches, and events, and are kept well up to date with a subscription to the Member Mag and e-newsletter. Members also receive a 10 percent discount on purchases at the Gallery Shop and a 20 percent discount on special Members Shopping days, along with a range of affiliate discounts.

Along with exhibitions, the gallery hosts a range of  school holiday programs, artist talks, and creative learning programs and workshops, with members having discounted and prioritised registration.

By becoming a member, you support the gallery in presenting exhibitions of national significance, as well as the very best from across our region.

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair


You can join CIAF and become a Friend of CIAF. This offers VIP access to networking events, early bird ticket purchase to events, and special merch offers.

Benefits include a complimentary item of CIAF merch, a 10 percent discount on guided tours, and invites to exclusive networking events where you can meet the team, artists, and sponsors.

By becoming a friend, you are supporting emerging and established creators, while promoting economic development opportunities for Indigenous artists.


Cairns Art Society Inc.

$15 - $35

The CAS is a membership-based volunteer run not-for-profit association of artists from across FNQ. The society has been around since 1931 and is undoubtedly the oldest of its kind in the region. Being a member of the CAS comes with various advantages.

Members can take part in the management of the society, contribute to its events, and attend monthly meetings. Plus, you get discounts on entry fees for exhibitions and events, and have the opportunity to be listed on the society's website as an artist with your very own profile.

By becoming a member, you become part of a vibrant community of artists and art lovers who share your passion for artistic expression and opportunities for collaboration.

Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Societies

$135 - $270

As a volunteer run not-for-profit, ADFAS Cairns is a small but enthusiastic society that's been around for over 25 years. They run a series of informative and entertaining lecture presentations with talks by expert national and international speakers in the field.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the arts, and offers a range of social and cultural opportunities throughout the year to further your interest and knowledge. 

By becoming a member, you encourage community wide engagement in the arts, as well as support their philanthropic fund, grants, and awards given to young conservators.


Cairns Libraries


An oldie but a goodie, the library still remains a trusty and under utilised resource. Around Cairns we have several libraries that offer a wide range of resources and services to the community. Aside form just housing books, they also offer eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers, as well as free Wi-Fi and computer access.

They also provide a range of programs including storytime reading sessions for kids and parents, author talks, workshops on anything you can think of, and general guidance on how to find what you're looking for.

By becoming a member, you support the library's operations and funding for new resources and programs, which further promotes access and literacy, and fosters community engagement.


Arts Nexus

$10 - $550

Arts Nexus is an organisation in Cairns that promotes the arts and cultural sector through professional development opportunities, networking events, and funding opportunities. They offer a range of membership tiers, all which provide their own benefits and support.

Members have the opportunity to access to professional development support, networking events, funding opportunities, and discounts on workshops, events, and services.

By becoming a member, you contribute to funding, support, and valuable feedback to the organisation, subsequently promoting the growth and development of the local arts and culture scene.