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    Agent Orange: An ode to Loughzy

    The start to 2019 has seen a dramatic turnaround from the end of 2018.

    While Agent Orange was heavily medicated after a significant amount of cosmetic surgery (it didn’t work, and I still look like the lovechild of Danny DeVito and Big Foot), the Taipans were busy showing the NBL that they are not a lay down misere. Given half a chance, the Taipans can ruin an opposing team's weekend. In the midst of all these shenanigans, a loyal and faithful servant to the sacred orange celebrated an incredible milestone.


    The annals of Taipans history are filled with heroes of renown, whose deeds and endeavours still reverberate in the dreams of the Orange Army: Sir Bobo, The Cat, Big Shot Ron, Top Knot Trigger, just to name a few. One name yet to sail his longship towards the horizon is Mr Alex Michael Loughton. Having played his 303rd game in the NBL, it’s time to pay tribute to the great man and his deeds.

    Joining the Taipans in 2010 after a stint with the Perth Wildcats (nobody is perfect) and a jaunt in the European circuit, Loughzy took a punt to join a scrappy team in Far North Queensland. At that time, the organization was still building its identity as a community club and while it needed players who could put spheres inside nets, it also needed players that would embrace the commitment to the community, who would help engage and restore the public’s love and trust in the brand.

    That’s what they got in the number 40.

    That majestic fist pump and silky mid-range jumper made the Orange Army believe, and his work and attitude off the court endeared him to the wider community.

    Nine-ish years on from that fateful first season in Orange, Loughton is the heart and soul of the club and still leads from the front.


    A mentor, a leader, a baller with the body of a Spartan, he’s always ready to take selfies with fans after games (win or lose) and at community events.

    He’s done enough to have his jersey lofted into the rafters, and he probably could have found a bigger pay cheque elsewhere this season, but he chose to stay and help usher in the next era of Taipans basketball.

    While the squad has struggled this season, he’s shown he’s still got miles left in those Adidas. Without question, I would make him a Taipan for life, even if that means in 2057 having to renovate the Convention Centre court so it’s more zimmer-frame friendly, and all games are played before 3pm so he can be home in time for Diagnosis Murder reruns.

    Hail to the Loughz, long may he reign!