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  • Gavin King

    Tropic Now editor

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    Could Kier become the king of Brisbane breakfast radio?

    ABC's popular local radio host Kier Shorey could be in the running for the high-profile job of replacing Brisbane's popular breakfast host Spencer Howson.

    ABC Cairns' quirky brekkie presenter Kier Shorey may be a dark horse for the biggest job in Brisbane radio.

    The imminent departure of long-term Brisbane ABC host Spencer Howson has got the industry buzzing about who will step in to fill his very big shoes.

    With reports that potential candidates in Brisbane are few and far between, speculation has mounted that the ABC could look further afield for Spencer's replacement.

    Brisbane Times reporter Nathanael Cooper recently wrote: 

    "Howson has been a mainstay in the mornings for more than a decade and has spent a lot of that time as the holder of the title of highest rating show in the breakfast timeslot.

    "Whoever comes along and fills Howson's seat will have a listener base who will naturally compare the old and new, and ABC Brisbane has an almighty challenge on their hands to decide whether to go with what they know or to try something new at the risk of alienating their existing listeners at the expense of attracting new ones."

    A replacement for Howson would take over the role in early 2017.

    Former ABC Far North host Richard Dinnen believes Kier would be perfect for the high-profile slot in Brisbane.

    "If Kier were of a mind to do the Brisbane gig I think he would thrive in it," Dineen told TropicNow.

    "Kier and Spencer are similar in style and method. There’s a precedent as well: Spencer was plucked out of the regions. I think he worked in Rocky prior to going to Brisbane.

    "612 ABC also recruited Andrew Lofthouse out of the regions. So it’s not without precedent.

    "ABC management are probably well advanced on considering a replacement. If Kier really wanted to have a crack at it, I’d say yes. Have a go. He’d be a very good prospect.

    "Otherwise you go with one of the usual suspects at 612 or you go for a prominent Brisbane identity. I know he’s worked with Spencer a couple of times and they seem to get along with each other.

    "It’s a big step up in terms of workload. In terms of his ability to engage with an audience as a broadcaster I haven’t seen anyone better than Kier among the names currently being talked about."

    Both Kier and Spencer declined to comment when approached by TropicNow.