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    TropicNow's TNQ Power 50 List versus the Cairns Post's Most Influential List: part 4

    Today we hit the big time with both lists: we're in to the top 20!

    From positions 20 to 11, today we reveal the big differences between our TropicNow Power 50 List and The Cairns Post's most influential list.

    Check out both lists below, and tell us what you think on TropicNow's Facebook page.

    Don't forget: the full list will be published in the next edition of Tropic Magazine, due to hit the streets of Cairns next week.

    Cairns Post most influential vs TropicNow Power 50

    Positions 50-41

    The Cairns Post's list differs greatly from our own. For starters, TropicNow's list looks back across the past 11 months to rank those who have contributed and influenced throughout 2017.

    In contrast, the newspaper has included Labor candidate Cynthia Lui on its list, despite being virtually unknown up until a month ago when the state election started ramping up.

    We've also left Cairns stalwart Bill Cummings off our list, while he ranked at 43 on the Post's list.

    And rather than rank each of the 10 Cairns councillors individually, we've grouped them together. Their relatively low collective ranking reflects the nature of the power base at council HQ.

    For our reasoning behind each ranking, make sure to pick up edition 9 of Tropic Magazine when it hits the streets next week.

    RankingCairns Post TropicNow
    Leigh Boswell
    Kelly Reaston
    Rick Hanlon
    Shaneen Fantin
    Michael Delaney
    Karl Latham
    Harry Sou
    Suellen Maunder
    Cynthia Lui
    Amy Eden
    Ralf Dutton
    Kristy Vallely
    Anita Veivers
    Molly Steer
    Bill Cummings
    Cairns councillors
    Andy Ridley
    Ranjit Singh
    Russell Parker
    Clive Skarrott



    Positions 40-31

    So this is where the two lists begin to look very, very different from each other. 

    There are some shock inclusions this far down the list by The Cairns Post. Darren Halpin and Professor Sandra Harding rank at 37 and 34 respectively, despite being two of the most high-profile and respected organisational leaders in the region.

    The Cairns Post has also decided to go with some long-term local stalwarts who have done great things in the past, while here at TropicNow we've chosen some new faces who stepped up in 2017 to deliver wider influence throughout the year.

    The Post has selected Allan Tan, Gary Young and Bishop James Foley in this bracket, while TropicNow has elevated Stephen Foster, Cairns Regional Council's head of Cultural Services, and architect Carlo Amerio, who designed both the Nova City towers and hotels for Crystalbrook Collection, both projects that will shape and influence our skyline for decades to come. 

    RankingCairns Post TropicNow
    Allan Tan
    Wendy Morris
    Gary Young
    Carlo Amerio
    Bishop James Foley
    John MacKenzie
    Darren Halpin
    Michael Delaney
    Richard Ireland
    Andrea May Churcher
    (= 35) Sam Marino / Michael Healy
    Sandra Harding
    Noel Pearson
    Justice James Henry
    Stephen Foster
    Pat Bailey
    Nick Loukas
    Ben Woodward
    Danny Betros




    Positions 30-21

    For the first time in the countdown, there are some similarities to the two lists.

    But only some.

    Local business leader Sally Mlikota is ranked in this bracket on both lists, though here at TropicNow we've ranked Sally higher at position 25 compared to number 30 on the Post's list.

    We have grouped regional mayors such as Julia Leu, Tom Gilmore and John Kremastos in position 30, while the Post has singled out Cr Leu and placed her in position 27.

    Once again, The Cairns Post has opted for three "old guard" local identities in this section, ranking Col McKenzie, Ross Moller and Clive Skarrott in positions 24, 23 and 22 respectively.

    In contrast, TropicNow's list features a mix of old and new local personalities and leaders, from Skyrail's Ken Chapman and police boss Paul Taylor to foodies Nick Holloway and Davy O'Rourke and CQUni's Jodie Duignan-George.

    RankingCairns Post TropicNow
    Sally Mlikota
    Regional mayors
    Tony Baker
    Ken Chapman
    Tony Williamson
    Chris Boland
    Julia Leu
    Paul Taylor
    Pip Close
    Jennifer Spilsbury
    Anthony Ritter
    Sally Mlikota
    Col McKenzie
    Ross Moller
    (= 23) Nick Holloway/Davy O'Rourke
    Clive Skarrott
    Fred White
    Brett Olds
    Jodie Duignan-George

    Positions 20-11

    It's a very surprising mixed bag when it comes to comparing the two lists now that we're in to the top 20.

    There are certainly some similarities in the positions from 20 to 11 in both TropicNow's Power 50 List and The Cairns Post's most influential list.

    In this bracket, both lists include Cairns Regional Council influencers Amy Turnbull and John Andrejic, as well as Ports North chair Russell Beer.

    But that's where the similiarities end.

    The Post has placed heavy-hitters Scott Bowman (CQUniversity), Norris Carter (Cairns Airport) and Trent Twomey (Advance Cairns) outside the top 10, while our list featured Ken Chapman in a lower ranking. 

    TropicNow's list elevated Zak Thaker to the top 20 for his work on Nova City, which wouldn't have happened with his input. Expect construction to start on the first tower in coming months after the company called for a lead construciton company this year.

    We've also included John Richardson in our top 20, the biggest house and land developer in Cairns and a significant contributor and sponsor to the Cairns Taipans. 

    Other important inclusions in our top 20, which have been omitted from the Post's list, include Luckbir Singh, Dean Pradal and Adam Adams, who for the most part work behind-the-scenes with significant business and community networks. 

    RankingCairns Post TropicNow
    Scott Bowman
    Tony Williamson
    Russell Beer
    Zak Thaker
    Amy Turnbull
    Craig Crawford
    John Andrejic
    Dean Pradal
    Brett Schafferius
    Amy Turnbull
    Richie Bates
    Adam Adams
    Clare Douglas
    John Andrejic
    Norris Carter
    Luckbir Singh
    Ken Chapman
    Russell Beer
    Trent Twomey
    John Richardson


    The countdown concludes tomorrow as we reveal the top 10 from both the Cairns Post and TropicNow lists.