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    Close encounter of the python kind at Machan's Beach

    Never mess with a scrub python while it's eating a hearty meal.

    Unless, of course, your name is Damian 'Wildman' Duffy.

    The wildlife adventurer has shared a video and photos from his encounter with a very large scrub python he helped remove from a house at Machan's Beach this week.

    And it was one grumpy python, with Damian interrupting its digestion of a backyard chook it had just devoured.

    In his typical laconic style, Damian only described the encounter as "a bit of excitement."

    Judging by the near misses captured in the video, we think it's worth slightly more colourful language than that!

    Check out the video and photo gallery below to judge for yourself.

    Scrub python at Machan's Beach by Wildman Photography