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Clarity on 50km travel rule as some coronavirus restrictions lifted

Is it 50kms by road or 50kms "as the crow flies"?

The ability to travel 50km from your home for recreational purposes as part of an easing of coronavirus restrictions from this weekend has caused widespread confusion. 

According to the new Queensland Government direction, Queenslanders can travel within 50km of their home with:

  • people who normally live with you OR
  • one person who does not live with you OR
  • more than one person if you need assistance from more than one carer.

Since the announcement, debate has raged about whether the 50km radius rule applies to the distance travelled by road or a 50km circle of radius - two different methods of measurement.

Member for Cairns Michael Healy told listenders of a local radio station yesterday that the 50km rule applied to road distance, which is incorrect.

Under the radius rule, people could travel from Cairns to Atherton. But by road, the trip would be 80km.

It's an important distinction, given police will be out in force this weekend ensuring people abide by the new regulations.

Officers can issue on the- pot fines of $1,334.50 for individuals who breach the regulations.

Tropic Now sought clarity from Queensland Police in terms of the 50km rule, and there's good news: it applies to radius, not road distance, so it's 50kms "as the crow flies".

To help you map out a 50km radius from your home, use this online tool here.


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