Are you ready to ignite your taste buds?

Look no further, because Far North Queensland is the ultimate destination for those seeking a spicy kick in their life!

This tropical paradise is home to a wealth of fiery chillies that inspire an array of delicious products.

With our tropical climate, humidity, and fertile soil, FNQ is a hub for chilli cultivation and production.

From sauces and spices to dried chillies, the local farms and producers offer a wide range of products that showcase the region's finest chillies.

Whether it's spicy salsas, hot sauces, or more unusual creations like chilli-infused chocolate and chilli-based cocktails, the uses of chillies in tropical cuisine are limited only by one's imagination.

Check out our go-to guide on where to get the good stuff to set your tastebuds on fire.


Abundance Zone
Following a homegrown homemade ideology, they operate out of Kuranda and can be found at a range of local stockists. Specialising in unique and extremely tasty chilli sauces, if you're in dire need, you can reach out to them directly for hit.

Hasham's Dips
Having been in the local spice scene for a while now, Hasham's Dip's can also be purchased at Coles, a testament in itself. Making a range of vege delights as well as chilli products, you can also catch them at Rusty's market.

Fenglehorn Sauces
Serving up zingy sauces and spice rubs, Fenglehorn have proven to muster a reliable batch. They've also recently expanded overseas, gaining FDA approval for sales in USA. Read the big news on what's next for them.

Far North Plantations
A blend of natural sea salt flakes from down South, and jalapeno chillies and cayenne pepper grown on the Atherton Tablelands. This mix is for those who like a bit of chilli for warmth and to enhance flavours - not make you sweat.

Nu Nu
A purveyor of utilising locally grown ingredients, Nu Nu has blessed us by selling a few of their most favourite handcrafted condiments, of which the Chilli Jam is a hit. Creating the perfect blend of spicy and sweet, it's a great addition to any Southeast Asian dish, plus, makes for a great excuse to head out to Palm Cove and try it for yourself.

Isabel's Sweet Chilli Chutney
Produced in Millaa Millaa on the Atherton Tablelands, these guys utilise an Aussie outback bush recipe to create a chilli chutney that sets your mouth on fire. Don't worry, their range begins at mild and ends at magma, so there's something for everyone. 

Chilloomba Chillies
In the small town of Aloomba, chillies are a big deal. Arising from a passion, Chilloomba Chillies is now a major producer, retailer and distributor of all things chilli in FNQ. They cultivate multiple varieties creating every chilli based product you can think of, including hot sauces, rubs, seasonings, flakes, powders, and oils.


Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery
A little or a lot, some heat with your Biltong is a must. Focused on more than just spice, this place uses South African recipes and methods to make the best biltong around, while utilising local produce and spice. Conveniently, some ice cream won't go astray if you happen to overheat.


Pain and pleasure go hand in hand, and Charley's is making it happen. Crafting their own chilli dark chocolate, this treat comes together with PNG cocoa beans, some FNQ sugar, and dried Mission Beach chilli. 


The Chilli Shop Kuranda
A stockist offering a range of local and national products, it can be found at the Heritage Markets. From mild butter chicken spices to Carolina Reaper 'acid rain' sauce, you have options.


Iyara by Sakare Thai
Not only is it a must try for Thai in the city, but their Tom Yum cocktail is a hell raiser in more ways than one. Delivering the heat with every sip, it's moorish zest will have you coming back for more. 

Fair to say a spicy Margarita, Guerrilla can do. Offering a range of Margarita-esque concoctions, adding spice to something already so good can sometimes lead to being a little bad. But that's subjective, so we'll leave it up to you to decide.

Salt House
A salad in a glass, a spicy Bloody Mary with all the trimmings is a must-try. The key to a good one is finding the bartender who likes them, and knows what's good, and we've found just the guy at Salt.