Cairns suburbs welcome safe 'Knights'

6 days ago   (15/01/2017)
A group of volunteers is already receiving praise for its night patrols aimed at keeping Cairns safe.

Bowls club falls victim to poop and run offender

15 days ago   (06/01/2017)
This is one crap situation.

Police ponder mystery man’s death

16 days ago   (05/01/2017)
How did a dead body end up behind a disused fuel tank in suburban Cairns?

Kowanyama police seize massive load of sly grog

17 days ago   (05/01/2017)
Cape York officers believe it's one of the biggest hauls in recent memory.

Dead body found at Edge Hill car park

17 days ago   (04/01/2017)
Authorities say a 56-year-old Cairns man may be a murder victim.

Pollie slams police and paramedic assaults

18 days ago   (03/01/2017)
Member for Barron River Craig Crawford says violent attacks on emergency service workers are ‘deplorable’.

Authorities urge motorists to slow down on Cairns roads

19 days ago   (02/01/2017)
Christmas and New Years festivities have ended but Cairns police are urging motorists to continue to drive safely this holiday season.

Qld road fatalities rise over Christmas

26 days ago   (26/12/2016)
It’s been a ‘shocking start’ to the Christmas period already for many families.

Video shows shock after ute crashes into shop

29 days ago   (23/12/2016)
A Cairns local has used his mobile phone to capture the dramatic aftermath of a ute crash into a Mulgrave Rd shop this afternoon.

Boat containing child rescued near Batt Reef

31 days ago   (21/12/2016)
A late night rescue has prompted a stern warning from water police for boaties.

Girls skip court to go on crime spree

38 days ago   (14/12/2016)
CCTV footage shows pharmacy staff being abused and assaulted in an incident that exposes flaws in the juvenile justice system.

Dramatic crash into Earlville shopfront

39 days ago   (13/12/2016)
The driver of a car and nearby shop workers were lucky to escape serious injury after a dramatic crash scene in Earlville.

Green thumb done for big drugs haul

39 days ago   (13/12/2016)
Julatten sure is a fertile place to grow plants, but one local was growing a huge stash of the wrong kind of flora.

Huge Cairns gun bust stuns authorities

45 days ago   (07/12/2016)
Authorities have charged seven people in relation to a massive weapons haul in Cairns.

Ravenshoe crash driver charged by police

53 days ago   (29/11/2016)
BREAKING: Police have charged a 61-year-old man involved in a fatal crash at the Ravenshoe cafe last year.

Slingshot clemency program hits targets

60 days ago   (22/11/2016)
Police have taken an unusual approach to curb the number of homemade slingshots in a far north Queensland Indigenous community.

Missing mum cold case revived

65 days ago   (17/11/2016)
Police are excavating a site near Innisfail following a tip-off in relation to missing mum Leeann Lapham.

Call for 'overhaul' of Indigenous communities

106 days ago   (08/10/2016)
Indigenous advocate and former Kowanyama resident Tania Major calls for reform in the wake of tragedy.

Serious incident in Kowanyama leaves one dead and five injured

106 days ago   (07/10/2016)
UPDATE: A man is in custody over the horrific incident at Kowanyama which left one dead and a dozen people injured

5 ways our local police have faced crazy call-outs

107 days ago   (06/10/2016)
Here are just five reasons police in the Tropical North have one hell of a crazy job.