Researcher says turtles may use sun to find their way home

8 days ago   (13/01/2017)
It’s a romantic notion but it also may be true.

Heavy rain creates crazy opportunity for kayaker

12 days ago   (09/01/2017)
An experienced kayaker has managed a seemingly insane feat by kayaking over a raging waterfall at Paronella Park.

14 awesome signs you've lived in Cairns and love it!

12 days ago   (09/01/2017)
Just in case you needed a reminder...

Bowls club falls victim to poop and run offender

15 days ago   (06/01/2017)
This is one crap situation.

Sorry Bruce Willis fans, the movie star didn't visit Cairns

16 days ago   (05/01/2017)
Nope, Bruce Willis didn't visit Cairns, eat burgers and say he wants to retire here...

Croc wanders down street and sunbakes in backyard

21 days ago   (01/01/2017)
A huge croc decided New Year's Eve was a good day for a walk and a sunbake in downtown Karumba.

VIDEO: Quirky duck boat waddles into Cairns

23 days ago   (29/12/2016)
Duck About Tours are lapping up tourists in their first week in Cairns.

Daring dog shows no fear of tiger shark

25 days ago   (27/12/2016)
This pet dog didn't take a step back when he spotted a tiger shark cruising in shallow water.

Croc capture calls management policies into question

50 days ago   (02/12/2016)
A crocodile caught at Green Island last Sunday may lead to a change in how the reptile is managed across the region.

Croc caught on camera at Green Island

52 days ago   (30/11/2016)
A well-hidden crocodile has given some snorkelers a sneaky surprise.

Shark whisperer shares tales from below

54 days ago   (28/11/2016)
James Cook University's Richard Fitzpatrick has released a book detailing some of his close encounters with one of the world's most feared predators.

Turtles paddle in their thousands to Raine Island

59 days ago   (23/11/2016)
Female green turtles swim from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Torres Strait to one tiny island northwest of Cairns to lay their eggs.

Photographer reveals how he almost missed out on this stunning Daintree frog image

60 days ago   (22/11/2016)
Matthew McIntosh explains how he almost missed capturing his famous photo of a frog and some pesky mosquitoes in the Daintree.

Croc filmed hanging out on Edmonton boat ramp

60 days ago   (22/11/2016)
A local boatie has captured a brazen saltwater croc sunning itself on a popular boat ramp at Edmonton.

Terri attacks croc cull supporters

62 days ago   (20/11/2016)
Australia Zoo's Terri Irwin says a crocodile cull in Queensland would be ‘inhumane’.

Trump toastie taken off the menu

68 days ago   (14/11/2016)
A Cairns toasted sandwich shop has taken a popular Trump-themed item off the menu following the US election result.

Whoa Nellie!

75 days ago   (07/11/2016)
After spending three years in care, Nellie the sea turtle has provided some encouraging results for a new vaccine.

Uni researcher marvels at wondrous Cape ecosystem

95 days ago   (18/10/2016)
Colonies of metallic starlings provide a remarkable showcase of nature in Cape York.

Douglas Council's croc plan raises concerns

103 days ago   (10/10/2016)
Leading croc researcher doubts 'hazing' of problem crocs is best method.

5 ways our local police have faced crazy call-outs

107 days ago   (06/10/2016)
Here are just five reasons police in the Tropical North have one hell of a crazy job.