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  • Tamara Sheward

    TropicNow writer

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    11 ways you know it’s winter in Cairns

    First, TropicNow brought you our tongue-in-check list of 19 ways the wet season impacts your life.

    But now it's wintertime, which elsewhere means roaring fireplaces, bare-branched trees and frozen fingertips.

    Up here in the tropics, though, we’ve got our own special take on the shivery season.

    Maximum temperatures below 30C? Check. People wearing wool beanies and shorts? Check. Unusual silence on the streets as rattling air conditioners take their annual break? Check.

    Read on for 11 more ways you know it’s winter in Cairns…

    1. You drag out the winter woolies.

    2. Night-time temps dipping below 19C? Time for urgent action!

    3. It’s a bit chilly for swimming but winter = no stingers, so...

    4. That disorienting moment when you realise it’s warmer in our winter than in the northern hemisphere’s summer.

    5. You can tell the natives from the n00bs.

    6. Butter doesn't melt within five seconds of taking it from the fridge, hooray! But your sandwiches all turn out like this, boo.

    7. Actual photo of you and your family visiting the Tablelands in winter.

    8. You go to your first Christmas in July party and wonder where all the cold prawns are.

    9. This. Bonus germs for those with kids in daycare.

    10. You defend to the death your "12C last night freeeeeezing!" social media posts from the derisive hoots of your friends down south.

    11. But deep down, you know they’re just jealous. And really: why wouldn’t they be?