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  • Sarah Flenley


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    Could this be the ‘bold’ change the world is asking for?

    The 2017 theme for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange and asks the question – “what if the world truly stepped up to take bold action”.

    The reader is asked if they will take groundbreaking action to truly drive great change for women.

    When I read that, my first thought was - oh god, am I going to have to build a well in Africa or organise a worldwide march for women’s rights? I’ve got no time for that!

    Don’t get me wrong; when I read stories about inspirational women who take on projects to improve the safety and health and well-being of women around the world, I am glad that they are there.


    But some days I struggle to fit in an exercise walk after work, so I’m not sure how I would fit in some great big bold action for women worldwide?

    Which got me thinking even more, what if this bold action they were wanting to see did not have to be some big bold action plan? What if it could be as simple as living the woman we truly are and learning to cherish and take great care of ourselves?

    We as women, we do too much. We take on too much. We are way too hard on ourselves. We put (almost) everyone before ourselves. We play small. We play many roles. We try to fix and hold our friends, families, and quite often the world together.

    We know we are doing it, but we don’t know how to stop, and we rarely feel how we are with ourselves when we do what we do. It’s killing us – literally.

    And we compare ourselves to each other. We judge and give each other a hard time. Jealousy can feature way too much in our lives. We talk the talk of sisterhood, but when you look around, how much of it is truly lived?

    Do we really let each other in… beyond letting each other in for a glass of wine on a Friday night?


    What if this ground breaking bold action was as simple as taking a rest when tired? Or having a bath when feeling a little fragile? Or saying no to a dinner invite or that next round of guests when you’ve had many stay already and you need time out?

    What if it was claiming your worth at work and not holding back the power-house you truly are?

    What if it was as simple as going to the toilet when you need to and not holding on? Or putting a cardigan in your bag for later when you get a bit cool?

    What if it could be learning to love ourselves, and lessening the walls of protection we hold up against the world and our fellow sisters? And asking more questions as to bring more understanding and compassion for ourselves and each other?

    Sound too simple? Or maybe too hard… It is inspiring to meet a woman who knows who she is, and who can role model that love for yourself and knowing your worth isn’t something you have to fight for by being hard and tough.

    We can do a lot for the world by changing what we offer to each other in our very own backyards, because when we do these ‘simple’ things, we give others permission to care and love themselves a little more.

    We show the world it is normal to do this.

    Could this be the ‘bold’ change the world is really asking for? Could it be this simple?