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    11 very good reasons you should be at Meet Eat Repeat this Saturday

    Street food, live music, lawn games, cheap beverages, vintage venue and lots of good vibes: our list of reasons you should join us at Meet Eat Repeat.

    If you needed any more reasons to join us at Meet Eat Repeat at the West Cairns Bowls Club this Saturday, well, here they are...

    1. Wolfgang's smoked meats

    Chef Wolfgang has turned the West Cairns Bowls Club into a must-do eating experience, particularly his insanely tasty Wednesday night BBQ menus. 

    He'll be offering some of his finest bites - including a pulled pork pie and handmade BBQ sauce that is out of this world.

    2. Sipping Duck

    Fiorella Denari and Erik Ruelin from this Stratford roastery and mobile van have built their business from the ground up, using lots of coffee grounds, no less. 

    At Meet Eat Repeat, they'll be serving up awesome coffee and tasty sweet treats.

    3. Vintage venue

    They call the West Cairns Bowls Club the hidden gem behind the hedge on Gatton St. 

    Everything old is new again, and the old school charm of this suburban gem is catching on. Friendly service meets local heritage, plus the beer is cold and cheap and there'll be plenty of fun lawn games to enjoy on the day. Double bonus.

    4. yRepublic crew

    This passionate crew of millennials was formed in 2015 with the aim of creating a vibrant and savvy tropical city where young entrepreneurs and professionals can thrive.

    The initial concept of a foodie gathering called Meet Eat Repeat came from a think tank yRepublic held last year. They'll be making sure everything runs smoothly on the day, so say hello.

    5. George and his Greek street food

    If you've ever been to his old restaurant Fettas on Grafton St, you'll know how much fun George Karagiannis likes to have while serving up delicious dishes from his native Greece.

    At Meet Eat Repeat, he'll be dishing up his famous lamb souvlaki pockets, featuring Tablelands lamb rump cooked on the grill, fresh tomato and red onion and a yoghurt sauce in a handmade pita pocket. Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.

    6. Graham Harris from Bake Free

    While there's a lot of hype about Wolfgang's smoked meats, George's lamb souvlaki and Oli's Korean BBQ on brioche, we haven't forgotten those with specific dietary requirements.

    Graham's an expert in healthy, gluten free, vegan treats. Look out for his deconstructed Chiko roll!

    7. Caffiend's Oliver James

    We'll just let Oli himself explain the insane Korean BBQ dish he's cooking up at Meet Eat Repeat:

    "I'm recreating and interpreting Korean BBQ on brioche... It's pork two ways (slow cooked shoulder and BBQ pork belly), kimchi, aioli, iceberg and Ssam-jang - a Korean chilli and fermented soybean sauce, all on a brioche bun."

    To that, we say: hell yes!

    8. Grab a Tropic read

    If you need something to read while you're eating, drinking and relaxing on the green, we've got you covered: you'll be able to grab the latest edition of Tropic Magazine at the event.

    Members of the Tropic team will also be there on the day, so it's a good chance to pitch a story, provide some feedback about local news services or just share a story with us over a cold beer. We'll drink to that!

    9. Japanese plates from So Hangry

    The new kids on the food truck block, Ryuko and Akio Haruta love cooking for crowds who love food as much as they do. 

    Their karaage chicken is very queue-worthy. They sold out at a recent event at Fogarty Park, so you may need to get in early.

    10. Live music

    Here at TropicNow we love live music just as much as we love good food. At Meet Eat Repeat you'll get both.

    Kick back and relax to the acoustic tunes of singer-songwriter JK and the sounds of dynamic duo Colourful BLAC.

    11. Food culture in Cairns

    Here at TropicNow we love to celebrate all things local food, whether it's the producers and farmers, the chefs and cooks, or the cool new cafes and suburban restaurants you may not have visited - or heard of - yet.

    So we're very proud to be partnering with yRepublic to deliver something unique for Cairns, and we think Saturday's pop-up event is just the start of more to come from our collaboration. 

    We'd love to see you there as part of the growing movement of awesome foodie experiences in our great city.