My greatest injuries from bingo to lightning strikes

54 days ago   (28/11/2016)
Cairns physio and TropicNow columnist Megan Thomas lists the craziest, most challenging injuries she's ever treated.

Battle for gender equality just getting started

101 days ago   (12/10/2016)
Columnist Illaria Brophy looks at the advancements and challenges of gender equality.

22 push ups a day may not be great for your health

135 days ago   (08/09/2016)
Cairns physio and TropicNow columnist Megan Thomas provides new perspective on popular internet craze.

Cairns physio analyzes 'top' injuries from Rio

146 days ago   (28/08/2016)
Local physio and TropicNow columnist Megan Thomas takes a detailed look at the top 5 injuries at the Rio Olympics

Here's how Cairns businesses can cash in on Pokemon Go craze

166 days ago   (08/08/2016)
TropicNow columnist and Cairns legal expert Donna Patane sorts through the legalities of Pokemon Go.

Insider's guide to Cairns CBD after the lockout laws

184 days ago   (21/07/2016)
Partygoers are confused and clubs are cutting back staff hours but there's resilience and unity in the nightlife of our CBD.

Local GP shares 10 simple tips to tackle our obesity problem

187 days ago   (18/07/2016)
Local GP and TropicNow health writer Alex Bernhardi highlights some ways we can all take better care of ourselves.

QLD getting a raw deal when it comes to our nightlife

202 days ago   (03/07/2016)
Lockout laws are the worst kind of public policy, and Cairns will suffer the consequences, writes Daniel D'Hotman.

Students need to ask where our JCU money goes

206 days ago   (30/06/2016)
TropicNow columnist Connor Davey calls on his fellow JCU students to ask questions about campus funds.

Where is our fair share from government in the regions?

206 days ago   (29/06/2016)
After all the talk and promises, it's time for governments to take regional communities seriously, writes CQUni vice-chancellor Scott Bowman.

Competition for business names in Cairns can be fierce

207 days ago   (28/06/2016)
TropicNow columnist and Cairns legal expert Donna Patane explores the thorny issue of business names and trademarks

How does the Cairns economy stack up against other cities?

212 days ago   (23/06/2016)
TropicNow columnist Shaun Donaldson compares how other cities and regions are stacking up against our local economy.

Boom, bust or a bit of both for Cairns region economy?

220 days ago   (16/06/2016)
TropicNow columnist and business advisory specialist Shaun Donaldson casts his eye over the current state of our regional economy.

Great Barrier Reef deserves the truth

222 days ago   (13/06/2016)
As residents of the tropical north, we should demand the truth when it comes to the future of the Reef.

Does the Cairns business community treat Southerners with enough respect?

226 days ago   (09/06/2016)
Tropic Now columnists Rob and Vic Cuda ask a thorny question of our local business community: are we friendly enough?

Why our local hospitals can't cope with our current lifestyle choices

230 days ago   (06/06/2016)
Personal responsibility for our health is a choice we all make, writes local GP Alex Bernhardi.

Focus on jobs, not more talk of a North Queensland state

233 days ago   (02/06/2016)
More support for grass-roots organisations, rather than talk, is needed for jobs in the north.

A sensible approach to future of Great Barrier Reef

244 days ago   (22/05/2016)
We should encourage care for the Great Barrier Reef not cause panic about its future, writes Wendy Morris.

How to keep millennials living in the tropical north

246 days ago   (20/05/2016)
Bold leadership and new thinking is required to stop the millennial brain drain.

Cape York burns in a bid to reduce emissions

248 days ago   (19/05/2016)
University researchers are working with Cape York communities to reduce greenhouse gases using traditional fire management.